Yaya Delvalle

Yaya Delvalle is an Orlando based, self-taught visual Artist and Poet. Born in New York City into a family of fellow creatives, she learned early that one could express complex emotions and concepts by manner of art rather than debate. Focusing her creativity on Social, Indigenous and Political topics, she attempts to build a bridge of understanding between Perspectives, Constructs and Reality. Penetrating thru the discomfort of Taboo topics to entice bold conversations in the hopes of leading to transformed thoughts.

Since being awarded the People’s Choice Honors for her piece ‘Birth of a Revolution’ at the Orlando Museum of Arts in 2019, she has exhibited in a number of galleries including The Bronze Kingdom Museum and has been a sought-out figure in the Local Creative community.

In her efforts to connect the marginalized community with healing expression she provides art classes for the Youth, and is now expanding to include the Homeless and Elderly members of the community; as well as multiple future endeavors with The Mercury Collective.