Kiaunti Shuler


Everything is Everything is one lesson I can say that I am really starting to understand at this point in my existence. All the things in my being are proving to have a perfectly timed flow whether it be my first Art teacher, my obstacles or my experiences. All these things rolled together makes being here worth getting through and figuring out. I have decided I deserved to get EVERYTHING I dream of. All things I have tucked away in my journals and sketch books. I was given the POWER OF CREATION so Sketches sculptures and personal projects will come to life within this year of perfect vision. As a child growing up in Sanford Florida there has always been a plethora of bugs, small animals, plants and textures I could study closely. I was taking photos of those memories. Locking them away until I learned to pick up a crayon. I love creating a story along with my art. Adding drama with the illusion of depth, vibrant yet contrasting palates and small interesting textures. Making sure that your eyes stay focused, searching for the next small detail to meet your gaze. I pull my inspiration from the world around me still today. Now that I have the BRONZE KINGDOM as my bridge to the World of African Creation. You’re seeing my raw craft along with my first stages of becoming a PROFESSIONAL FINE ARTIST that makes me proud to say Everyone viewing my very first exhibition will get the full experience of my evolution as a FINE ARTIST and all of you are in for a treat with future works and other creative endeavors. Stay tuned I Will have my followers’ nose to canvas with my work searching for more hidden gems.