Cristiam Ramos

Cristiam is one of the most unique and creatively talented artists in the world today. Creating artwork on out of the ordinary surfaces and with non-typical mediums are his specialty. Some examples are 3-dimensional portraits created with only candy, recreations of masterpieces on the wings of butterflies and portraits of pop culture icons “painted” with toothpaste. He has been the recipient of numerous international art awards for his unusual and amazing artwork and his pieces are featured in many Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums around the world. His abilities and talents have also enabled him to create awe-inspiring, life size sculptures of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Captain America that are all adorned with no less than 25-30 mini portraits/relief style sculptures. One of his museum pieces is a life size Harley Davidson motorcycle “sculpted” from over 25,000 pieces of candy. Originally from Mexico, Cristiam and his family have resided in the Orlando area for over 20 years. His constant search for artistic originality motivates him to seek innovative ways to express himself through his artwork. Through his creations, Cristiam aspires to inspire others to set life goals for themselves and to consequently live extraordinary lives that are inspiring to others. His exemplary talents and abilities combined with his kind and caring nature, consistently elevate him and his contributions to the art world and humanity as well.